Lee Sherwood

Freelance Full Stack Backend / Web / iOS Developer

Hey there, i’m Lee, a full stack developer, iOS application developer, server admin and all round techie with a passion for providing robust high-quality solutions

What I do

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry I’ve acquired a large range of tech related skills which I now offer as a freelance techie for hire.

Responsive websites that work on everything from mobile phones to desktop displays, iOS applications leveraging the latest technology and the API backends that power them, server deployment strategies in the cloud for fault tolerant and scaleable hosting or pretty much anything tech related that you need help with, be sure to get in touch and see if I can help.

Most projects will require many of the services i provide, iOS apps usually need a backend API to provide them with data, websites need servers to host them and servers need a reliable deployment strategy to keep you up and running. Save yourself time, streamline your development process and get in touch!

iOS Applications

High quality, robust applications with low technical debt

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Mobile friendly responsive websites and javascript web applications

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Servers & AWS

Server planning and deployment, expertise with Amazon Web Services

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API & Backend

Performant API’s with a scaleable software design

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Startup Consultancy

It’s always a good idea to have a friendly tech guy in your corner

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