Lee Sherwood

Freelance API Developer & Backend Engineer

Hey there, i’m Lee, an API developer and all-round backend engineer with a passion for building scaleable and performant backend services. I also do server deployments and i’m well versed in AWS architecture.

Whether you need a JSON API to power a frontend application or your looking to move resource heavy tasks to background workers to make your services more responsive, i can help.

With nearly a decade of programming experience with half of that being in a full backend role i’ve developed API’s for all sorts of different purposes, for a wide array of clients. Here’s just a few things i’ve built API’s to perform:

  • User Management
  • Social Authentication / Login
  • Friending systems
  • Twitter style following mechanisms
  • Voting / Liking systems
  • Push notifications via APNS (iOS) & GCM (Android)
  • Ejabberd setup and cross system integration
  • Temporal paginated data feeds
  • Blended data feeds with per-user caching
  • Image & Video transcoders & thumbnailers
  • Realtime Media Streaming
  • 3rd Party API Integration

Some of the tech I use

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the languages, tools, libraries and frameworks that i use everyday. I’m a big believer in using the right tool for the job and will spend time to understand the scope of the project along with what plans you have for the future, before I decide on what tools to use to build you the perfect solution.

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Bash
  • Erlang
  • Python
  • MySQL 100%
  • Redis 100%
  • MongoDb 90%
  • Riak 70%
  • Elasticsearch 50%
  • Sphinx 30%
  • Solr 20%
  • Neo4J 20%
  • Amazon Web Services 100%
  • Ubuntu 90%
  • Nginx 80%
  • Ejabberd 90%
  • Node JS 40%
  • Laravel 90%
  • Symfony 80%
  • Lumen 90%
  • Silex 75%

Using a technology that’s not above? Don’t be deterred, it would be impossible for me to list everything i’ve ever used, and i’ve probably got experience with whatever technology you need to use.

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