Lee Sherwood

Freelance iOS Application Developer

Hey there, i’m Lee, an iOS application developer for hire, as well as a full stack developer; building and deploying API’s that power my applications.

I develop high quality native iOS application using the Swift programming language. Leveraging nearly a decade of programming experience in a variety of sectors, i bring the best of all that experience into a single platform to build applications that look great,  function perfectly and have low technical debt.

From catalogue style applications to custom streaming and chat applications, any idea that you have which need to be realised on the Apple iOS platform, drop me a message and we can start working together.

If your application includes any kind of dynamic content, whether that be user accounts, comments, voting, image / video upload or pretty much anything other than static text, then there’s a very high chance you’re going to need an API and a hosting server. This will require a backend developer and a system administrator in addition to an iOS developer… unless of course you work with me!

With over a decade of experience as a full stack developer and having spent several years recently as a backend programmer i can not only build your iOS application, but also create the API’s that drive it and setup the server’s that host it. With a passion for building scaleable and performant API’s and experience with AWS Architecture and automated server deployment, i can handle all your tech needs without you having to worry about finding and co-ordinating multiple developers.

Let’s start building your iOS app – Get in touch