Project Description

Sending flowers is a way in which we express our love, joy, sorrow and regret. In fact i’d say any emotion can be expressed in floral form, but what about a particular message? Inspired by the forgotten art of Victorian Floriography , Ed Saperia developed over 200 “flower codes” that encodesĀ a particular message as a series of flowers.

Cryptofloricon is a website where you can choose one of those messages, and then have the correct bouquet sent to the recipient, along with instructions on how to decode the message all wrapped up to a very precise and elegant standard. The recipient can then go online, enter which flowers they’ve received to see the decoded message. For those like me who don’t know their Geraniums from their Pelargoniums (yes, i had to google those) a handy description card is provided also.

Ed came to me after having developed the idea, the message codes, and a basic website template, in order to implement the encoder, decoder, online payment system and florist management system onto the website, as well as cleanup the responsive CSS to make the website useable on mobile devices as well as desktops.


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