Free Fringe 2016

Project Description

The Edinburgh Free Fringe is an organisation that promotes free shows parallel to the Edinburgh Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe which are jointly the worlds largest arts festival held in August each year for a full 4 weeks. Free Fringe however has the ethos that no performer should pay to perform as long as they do not charge entry to their shows.

For the 2016 festival, they decided to collaborate with the Howler team (another project in my portfolio) to produce an iOS and Android mobile application that would provide event listings for the free fringe performers along with a map to get the audiences to the correct venue’s on time.

As part of that project is was my role to build the backend API that would provide the content for the application. This consisted of a NodeJS server, a basic admin panel for importing shows and event changes, as well as a customised importer to take the organisers complex spreadsheet and flatten it down into single events that could be fed too the application for display.

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