Project Description

Howler is a collaborative joke writing platform where users are invited to create “setups” which other users can add a punchline too, in order to create a (hopefully, albeit not always) funny joke. Users can vote on each joke which gives it a popularity score exposing the joke to more people via a popular jokes feed. The user with the most positive votes across all their jokes for each day is declared the daily winner and is honoured on the daily winners leaderboard.¬†Howler targets itself at the amateur to semi-professional comedy scene and provides a unique way for comedians to test out material, hone their joke writing skills and build a fanbase.

My involvement in Howler was to take over the development of the website, API and the server management to continue developing and refining the website. As well adding new features and expanding the API functionality to support more mobile app features. I’ve optimised the data layer of the platform to provide an average of 700% performance increase¬†without increasing the complexity of the data layer or adding in caching (which is the next step).



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