Project Description

Karmr is a unique social network that orientates itself around doing good deeds. Users are encouraged to post about the good things they have done during that day even if it’s something as simple as picking up a dropped item for an elderly person whilst out at the shops. Other users are then able to comment on the good deed as well as “like” it providing positive social recognition and more importantly extends that “feel good factor” we get from being helpful. Karmr helps to highlight the huge impact we can have on other peoples lives and well being from even the smallest of kind gestures.

I took over the website development from the founder, along with the server maintenance tasks. It was my job to keep things moving along adding new features, refining the existing features and generally helping the project to not stagnate. I eventually ended up creating an API with user authentication, user management, content management and the various feeds required to drive a mobile application

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