Kerrang! Radio Smart TV App

Project Description

The TV app enabled listeners to listen to the live streaming shows on their Samsung Smart TV’s along with viewing the current playing song, the on-air DJ, radio schedules and text articles composing of relevant industry news and offers managed by the Kerrang! radio team from a custom admin portal. The app also featured social integration with Twitter. The original launch platform was for Samsung Smart TV’s.

I developed the application using a basic single javascript application structure with the majority of the content provided by XML and JSON feeds from Twitter, the radio streaming service and a custom CMS for the textual content. The application was navigable using both a the TV remote arrow buttons (via a custom remote mapping i developed), as well as a standard mouse (for TV’s with wand remotes or connected mouse). This would mean the same application could in theory be re-deployed with little effort on not just other TV platforms, but on external smart boxes, games consoles and pretty much anything with an internet connection and either a mouse or remote controller.


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