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Project Description

I started working with the Recruitment Resources Group (RRG) on one of it’s child sites, a semi-automated recruitment system located at The work consisted of basic updates to the website to try out different UX flows and keep the website inline with ever changing process flows the company was going through in order to refine it’s service.

This role very quickly expanded out to a full technical role in the company, managing there server’s, multiple websites and even there employee’s hardware. Everything from website updates, and new industry specific child sites, to email inbox management and initial setup of company laptops became my responsibility. At it’s height, this project involved the management of 4 dedicated servers, 6 websites, over one hundred domains, 30 email inboxes and at least 10 company issued devices.

In addition to the child sites, server management and general all-round tech help i provide for RRG, i also built a customised administration portal for it’s employee’s that streamlined their processed by provided a single panel in which they could manage all of the child sites. This portal integrated with existing databases consisting of a variety of different schema’s, and uses a custom built config driven schema mapper to normalise the persistance layer across the various websites.

After more than 4 years, I still work closely with RRG which is hopefully a great testament to my quality and values.


I have worked with Lee on a number of online projects that have required a very broad set of skills and a strong commercial appreciation for the application of technology.

Lee brings a very rare skill to each project in that he fundamentally understands the functional implication of each technical advancement and has often suggested improvements and enhancements over and above his brief whilst remaining sympathetic to a very tight budget.

Lee is responsive, timely and easy to communicate with and I could not recommend him more highly.

Paul Esherwood

Company Director, Recruitment Resources Group

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