Lee Sherwood

Freelance Server Administrator & AWS Architect

Hey there, i’m Lee, a server administrator and DevOps guy with a wealth of experience on the Amazon Web Services platform.

If you have a website, mobile application or pretty much anything online that includes dynamic content, then there’s a very good chance your going to need a server at some point, and with that your going to need a server administrator to not just help setup and maintain the server itself, but to design & implement an effective deployment strategy.

For nearly a decade i’ve been helping my clients get their projects online and keeping them online with a variety of operating systems, traditional hosting providers and more recently, cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services. Whether it’s a small business website that needs nothing more than a dedicated server or a micro-service orientated startup that needs to orchestrate the deployment of several compute instances with failover and scaling on demand at its core… i have you covered.

  • 1 large EC2 instance or multiple smaller ones?
  • Manual or Automated Deployment?
  • Opsworks or Auto scaling groups?
  • Single VPC or Multiple?
  • What size database instance?
  • Instance backed or Elastic Block Storage?

These are just a few of the many questions you’ll need to consider if you decide to deploy to Amazon Web Services. Choosing the correct hosting stack is a skill only available with experience and requires that your architect takes into consideration all of the variables. If your willing to trade off availability and failover for reduced cost then your hosting stack is going to look very different too someone who isn’t. I can help you understand all of the various tradeoff’s you will need to decide on, plan out the hosting system and then execute that plan.

Not only do i plan out your architecture, i can also help you develop the deployment systems you’ll need in order to ensure your instances are provisioned and built to specification every single time. This often involves some Chef cookbooks (my DevOps tool of choice) however i’ll evaluate your needs and use the correct tool for the job.

Some of the tech I use

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the tools, applications and platforms that i use everyday. I’m a big believer in using the right tool for the job and will spend time to understand the scope of the project along with what plans you have for the future, before I plan your server architecture.

  • Chef
  • Vagrant
  • Puppet
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services 100%
  • Dedicated Hosting Solutions 80%
  • Heroku 80%
  • Ubuntu 100%
  • Amazon Linux 80%
  • CentOS 80%
  • Debian 80%

Using a technology that’s not above? Don’t be deterred, it would be impossible for me to list everything i’ve ever used, and i’ve probably got experience with whatever technology you need to use.

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