Project Description

Constent is a constant stream of content on your iPhone. Content served to you in order of popularity from other users around the world, local to you or friends of yours. It’s as simple as that. You start to watch the content in order of popularity and if you like it, keep watching it if you don’t swipe it away. Content is video up to 15 seconds and once you have watched it, the content disappears. You can live record and upload your content or upload and trim a video from your iPhone album.

The application was built on top of Parse, the Facebook provided cloud object storage, of which i had to setup the various web hooks and cloud code modules to provide additional functionality outside of the generic CRUD operations provided by Parse. This included customised content feeds and push notifications based on certain events. Upon the announcement of Parse being deprecated,

Upon the announcement of Parse being deprecated, I then moved the entire backend into their own self-hosted Parse instance running on node.js with the customised webhooks and cloud code converted to work in this new environment.

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