Project Description

Myrtle is a closed social network application. Essentially it allows groups of people to privately create events and then upload photographs and comments to the event. For example you could use it to collaboratively create a wedding album or to share the significant moments of your new babies life. Focus was placed on a simple way to invite and onboard users to make it as easy as possible for those less tech savvy to join in on the event (such as the grandparents).

I built the backend system for Myrtle which consisted of a JSON API, MongoDB & Redis data storage layer and a customised thumbnailing server. This also included the creation of deployment scripts with Chef to enable easy and quick deployment on top of AWS Opsworks. In addition to this, I also helped the client refine and develop the application feature-set to get the best they could from their budget, simplifying complex processes to free up budget for other more important features, suggesting new features and helping to develop a phased development plan so that they could launch with a solid product and a roadmap for future development.

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