Project Description

Shareight (now Octer) is a purpose built platform that aggregates millions of retail products from a vast number of companies to allow the discovery of those products by type and/or purpose. Products can be grouped into as many taxonomies as they fit to give the best exposure to the user’s who are truly interested in the product.

Users of the platform are able to curate products into custom groupings called “Eights” and then share those with other people. Whether your a general user creating a “Perfect Dinner Outfit Eight” or a fashion blogger putting together “Eight of the best shoe’s for hitting the town”, Shareight is perfect for the job.

The platform is currently accessed by an iOS application but it was my job to build the API and backend storage solutions to power that application. Along with an iOS developer working on the application we put together a prototype version to enable them to secure further investment and continue growing.

Shareight broke a Seedrs record raising $1m in 24 hours. You can read more about this here:


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